4L60E 1993-1994

12 month unlimited warranty!

Part # G4R34

G4R34 valve body

1993-1994 (1 PWM Solenoid Only)
Match the colored squares to identify a 1993-1994 valve body.

G4R34 valve body component
G4R34 valve body component

G4R34 valve body component

3-2 PWM Solenoid
(Tan) 10-15 Ohms

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EPC Solenoid
Yellow Type
3.6-5 Ohms

Part # G4R34 is equipped with 12 different upgrades!

All solenoids are individually tested electrically & hydraulically!

Sonnax Part # Part Description
77987-01K Upgraded Pinless Fwd Accumulator Piston
77754-35K (TWO required) Fwd & Rev Abuse Kit
77754-04K TCC Regulator Valve Kit
77754-09K Actuator Feed Limit (AFL) Valve Kit
777964-04K 4-3 sequence valve & 3-4 Relay Valve
77754-33 2-3 Shift Valve
GM Part # Part Description
24203484 96-Up Late Manual Valve
Raybestos Part # Part Description
RES77945 (TWO required) NEW! 1-2 2-3 4L60E Shift Solenoids

Our Valve Bodies are not just “tested” they are Remanufactured!